Friday, 9th August, 2019


People could be divided into two groups: unlucky people and clumsy ones. The life of clumsy people is full of failures and struggles. Every day is not complete without forgetting something, losing, injuries and other types of fails. Dropping a phone or even dropping it into the trash can is a part of daily routine. You always have stains on every dress and t-shirt. Do you have clumsy friends? I have at least one that always forget to close the toilet’s door, forget to close the backpack and everything falls out of it in a very inappropriate moment. Every day of clumsy people is full of funny stories. They spill coffee during meetings or when someone is looking at them or even in a car. Wearing glasses is not a comfortable thing at all but the real failure is when you place your eyeglasses on a couch and your friend accidentally sits on them. Yes, it’s a real disaster! Do you love cooking? This time we prepared a compilation of hilarious situations that might happen to you in the kitchen. I hate the moment when I eat a burger and the filling falls out of it. Ugh! I love gingerbread cookies but every time I cook them they always lose shape! And animals start looking like real monsters. Still, they are very tasty. Everyone who loves pizza at least once faced a problem is when you want to enjoy pizza and try to bite it but the topping slides out of it. One more fail is when you have prepared a delicious sandwich for breakfast and it falls to the floor.

00:09 Are you an unlucky or clumsy person?
02:30 Stains are everywhere
07:07 Kitchen fails
08:00 Burger failure

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