Addy and Maya Have a Happy Places Royal Trends Play Date !!!


Monday, 5th August, 2019

Thanks to Moose Toys for sponsoring this video.
We were sent a giant box of the new Happy Places Royal Trends toys in the mail, so we thought it would be a fun idea to invite a friend over and have a fun little play date! Check out the cool Royal Trends Castle and the Convertible Playset - so much fun! They come with cute little Shoppies dolls too!

Happy Places is a miniature range of super cute Petkins furniture and accessories that live with their Shoppies friends. Happy Places fuses together style, fashions, and cute furniture to create innovative and expansive playsets for the savvy, on-trend girl! This is the seventh season of Happy Places which is Royal themed! Welcome to a land of “Royal Trends” where royal style never ends! The Lil’ Shoppies have become glam Princesses in a kingdom where glitz and glamour rules! Help your Lil’ Shoppie Princesses prepare for the party of the year at the Royal Palace! Choose the perfect outfit from the spinning wardrobe, clip it on and check it out in front of the glittery flip-down floor length mirror to create a GLITTERRIFIC party space.  Set up your Petkin Accessories and get your royal style on for a night to remember! Hook on the spinning gold chandelier to create and finish off your party atmosphere.

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