Surprising the Girls with Barbie Fashionistas


Saturday, 27th July, 2019

This video is sponsored by Mattel.

Our family is away on vacation and Lucy has a big surprise for the girls with all sorts of new fun toys from the Barbie Fashionistas line. Barbie offers the most diverse and inclusive doll line in the marketplace. The Fashionistas line is where the brand delivers the most diversity and inclusivity, offering dolls with a variety of skin tones, eye colors, hair colors & textures, body types and fashion styles.

The variety offered within the Fashionistas line is designed to inspire girls to tell more stories and find a doll that speaks to them and represents the people they see in their everyday lives.

Parents: Barbie Fashionistas are available at Walmart,
Target, Amazon, or wherever Barbie dolls are sold.

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