Exploring Tybee Island ~ Dolphin Tour, Feeding Gators, and Eating Crab!


Tuesday, 30th July, 2019

We're on vacation at Tybee Island, Georgia and we're having a blast! Located just outside of Savannah, the beaches here are quite unique and beautiful. The entire family goes on a dolphin tour where we see tons of dolphins swimming all around our boat. Afterwards, Addy tries shrimp and we all try crab legs for the first time at The Crab Shack. They also have an alligator feeding exhibit on the premises, so we just HAD to do that too!

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Music credits:
Ahead - Stephen Keech
It s Always Sunny - Dresden The Flamingo
Join The Parade - Sounds Like Sander
Lemonade Dayz - PALA
Longer Days - Neon Beach
Run With The River - Sounds Like Sander
Summer Love - Jessie Villa
Tropical Bois - Mikey Geiger
Wade in the Water - The Tide Rose